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Vauxhall corsa gear linkage?

Alcyone Would like to get an answer:

2013-07-12 07:11:51

Vauxhall corsa gear linkage?

Vauxhall corsa gear linkage?

I had my clutch replaced at Mr Clutch and have had many problems ever since, ive had another new clutch fitted by them the fly wheel skimmed. I couldnt get 5th gear so i took it back once again and the said it was the clutch cable so they extended it using 'nuts' (they actually used a sur clip) and said it was fine and i could get all gears, low and behold i drove home and couldnt get 5th gear and then i lost reverse. Phoned them up and theyre answer was clutch cables completely gone...got my dad to have a look at it after talkin to a mechanic friend who said the gear linkage could be loose and my dad had actually found that the gear linkage was just sitting on top as the sur clip hadnt been tightened. My cars going back into mr clutch on saturday so they can check the work my dad has done. They said it could be either 3 things...the gear linkage could be worn, clutch cable needs replacing as its putting too much strain on it or they simply didnt tighten the sur clip properly. Since my father has repaired the car i have drove it approx 200 miles and the gears are perfect so i cant so it being a problem with the clutch cable as i dont even have a problem putting gears in and my father checked for wear on the gear linkage and its fine...I would appreciate anyones input as to what you think the problem was, as knowing mr clutch they will replace the clutch cable and say that was the problem when the probles already fixed.
Thank you ever soo much.

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